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Rescue Teams

Planning work in confined spaces

Understanding and implementing the safety requirements required by the Confined Space Safety Regulations 1997 can seem somewhat challenging if it is not something you regularly encounter; this is where Rescue Specialist Ltd can help. Our consultancy and support will help you create robust and resilient Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) and any other required documentation. These documents will demonstrate to ensure work carried out within a confined space is adequately planned, controlled, supervised and has all the required equipment and trained personnel to ensure the job is completed.

Knowing what to do if something goes wrong

The Confined Space Safety Regulations Approved Code Of Practice (ACOP) L101 lists Specified Risks associated with confined spaces. However, the most common issues arise not from the confined space, but from the workers within it experiencing ill health from medical conditions or as a result of an injury from work carried out. Knowing how to monitor these and other specified risks are critical to safe working practice. Rescue Specialist Ltd will integrate with your work teams to create a safety synergy that maximises workflow.

Maintaining records

We ensure good practice by maintaining records of confined space entry and its entrants, including equipment used and RAMS for five years after a task has been completed. As part of our ISO accreditation process, we have made as much of these record systems paperless to ensure our commitment to mitigating our carbon footprint is maintained. All records are kept securely and meet all Data Protection GDPR requirements. In essence, we hold the documents, so you don’t have too.

Rescue Specialist Ltd understands that the safety of your employees is of paramount importance. Hiring one of our Technical Rescue Teams not only means that you are complying with the law but also demonstrates that you take the safety of your staff seriously. Our rescue teams regularly practise technical rescue scenarios both in confined spaces, working at height and using rope access. Rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Our skilled Rescue Teams;

  • Provide either confined space rescue teams, rope rescue teams or a combination of the two using multi-skilled team members’ dependant on your requirements
  • Provide risk assessment, method statement, first aid risk assessment, safe system of work and rescue plan
  • Inspect the workspace immediately before any works commencing to establish that the risk assessment, method statement, reliable operation of work and rescue plan are valid and sufficient at the time of works commencing
  • Provide all relevant personnel with a task-specific safety briefing
  • Check all equipment is suitable and in safe working order
  • Provide fall restraint systems if required
  • Offer rope retrieval systems if required
  • Monitor and supervise all personnel entering and exiting the workspace
  • Monitor the atmosphere of the confined space and advise if additional precautions should be taken or if works should be re-evaluated
  • Should the need for the rescue team to perform a rescue arise, the rescue plan will be executed, and a safe rescue will be performed

A typical rescue team will consist of three team members. One team member will supervise, with the remaining two team members (one of which will be a medic) stood by ready to effect rescue should the need arise. However, in some circumstances, a larger rescue team may be required.


All our rescue team members have the following requirements:

  • 6150-03 – Working in high risk confined spaces
  • 6150-05 – The emergency rescue of casualties from confined spaces
  • Patient Packaging
  • Rope Technician with Rescue of a Suspended Casualty
  • First Responder/PHTLS/FPOS

Some of the team members will also have the following qualifications:

  • 6150-04 – Overseeing work in confined spaces
  • Emergency Trauma Technician/Paramedic
  • Oxygen Administration, Entonox & Penthrox
  • Safe use of Automated External Defibrillator (A.E.D)

Confined Space Services rescue teams can also come to your workplace/site and perform rescue simulation training with your team, please get in touch for further information.

Our experienced rescue teams are fully equipped with all the entry and specialist rescue equipment required. Whatever level of rescue provision you need, Rescue Specialist Ltd can provide it, with competitive rates and a high level of expertise and customer service. Please get in touch, [email protected]



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