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Onsite Rescue Provision


What is a confined space rescue team?

A confined space rescue team comprises of a minimum of three crew members. One of the crew members will head the rescue team and act as top man whilst the two remaining crew members will be the persons to enter the confined space and perform the rescue should the need arise. A three-man rescue team is the standard rescue team however depending on the area size to be covered and the number of personal that will be working in the confined space a larger rescue team may be required. The size of the rescue team needed should be identified in the risk assessment.

When would a confined space rescue team be required?

A confined space team would most commonly be required when carrying out works in high risk confined spaces however the need for a rescue team would be determined by the risk assessment. If you are unsure to whether a rescue team is required, then we can risk assess the site to determine this.

What are the roles of a confined space rescue team?

We will issue a method statement, safe system of work and rescue plan.
The Rescue Specialist confined space rescue team will inspect the confined space immediately prior to any works commencing to establish that the risk assessment, method statement, safety systems of work and rescue plan are valid and true at time of works commencing.
In addition, they will provide all personal to be entering / working in the confined space with a tool box talk.
The Rescue Specialist rescue team will check that all personal to be entering / working in the confined space are trained and certified to the correct level.
A check will be made that all equipment to be used in the confined space is certified and is in safe working order.
All personal entering and exiting the confined space will be monitored.
The atmospheric stability of the confined space will be monitored by the Rescue Specialist Rescue Team and advise if additional precautions should be taken or if works should be stopped.
Should the need for the rescue team to perform a rescue arise then the rescue plan will be followed and a rescue will be performed.
The Rescue Specialist rescue team is then responsible for any personal recovered from the confined space until they are deemed fit or are passed onto a medical professional.
We can also provide suitably trained Paramedics and Doctors trained in Prehospital Care.

Who are Rescue Specialist confined space team responsible for?

The confined space rescue team are responsible for the safety of all personal to be carrying out work in the confined space.

What are the qualifications that our confined space rescue teams hold?

All of our confined space rescue team crew members are members of the Faculty of Pre Hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons and hold the following qualifications –

  • Qualifications in emergency rescue and recovery of casualties from confined spaces
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support
  • Immediate Medical Care
  • First Aid at Work
  • Oxygen administration
  • Automated External Defibrillation
  • IOSH managing safety

What rescue equipment is provided?

  • Gas detection equipment
  • Respiratory protection
  • Access equipment e.g. tripod, winch, harness
  • Specialist Access Equipment
  • Defibrillator
  • Full Immobilisation equipment
  • Rescue stretchers
  • Any other equipment required that is identified in the risk assessment.



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