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Market-leading health and safety courses

We now offer the market-leading health and safety courses, IOSH Managing Safely, IOSH Working Safely & IOSH Fire Safety Awareness. These courses will help you improve the safety awareness culture, increase productivity and enhance your reputation by embedding health and safety across the whole organisation.

Ways it can benefit your business and the delegate?

  1. The IOSH Managing Safely course is a great foundation for those looking to pursue a career in the health and safety sector. This course can open many other opportunities, for example further education and qualifications from the National Exam Board.
  2. The IOSH Managing Safely course maximises productivity, reducing the disturbance caused by sickness and accidents in the workplace. Management will learn the most effective ways to reduce health, safety and wellbeing risks and hazards.
  3. Management will have a positive understanding of their responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace. Staff will be able to identify frequent workplace hazards, evaluate and reduce the risk by applying risk control methodology.
  4. The course helps management/supervisors understand, in depth and apply HSE legislation within the workplace. This gives you peace of mind knowing you are complying with UK Health and Safety laws.
  5. If you choose an in-house, classroom or a bespoke IOSH Managing Safely training course with Pro safety management, you can complete the course in as little as 3 days, depending on the number of course delegates.
  6. When/if an incident occurs in a business or a commercial space, it will impact the safety of the community in the surrounding area. By making sure management are diligent, responsible, safe, and aware you are ensuring that service is extended to the community that keeps your business thriving.
  7. Taking the IOSH Managing Safely Course guarantees a clear record of responsible management which earns credibility within your industry. Enhancing or refreshing your managing safely skills ensures your business maintains its reputation and continues to generate good business for you, your colleagues, and the community.
  8. The qualification never expires! IOSH qualifications do not need to be rebooked every year. This reduces a significant amount of stress for employers. This does not mean you should never do another IOSH course again. Refreshing your management responsibilities and the most up to date HSE legislation ensures that you are routinely providing the highest level of health and safety.
  9. IOSH qualifications are recognised internationally! This brings huge benefits if you work overseas and benefits the company when doing business around the world. IOSH is the largest Health and Safety membership organisation in the world and having an IOSH qualification receives world-wide recognition.

You will save money by reducing expensive accidents, reducing the amount paid out in sick pay and eliminating the cost of fixing the incidents. You and the company are making more money because your managers are fully equipped to deal with all health and safety incidents and procedures.

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